Dungeon Striker (KR) – Q&A with Eyedentity Games

I was taken by surprise a couple of days back when Dragon Nest’s developer, Eyedentity Games, sort of “suddenly” held a press conference to reveal the studio’s 2nd online action title, Dungeon Striker. Prior to this announcement, I have not read about any rumors circulating at all. While a brief introduction was given in the previous post (link), here is a small translated Q&A which took place during the event.

Q: Why the decision to use a cute design coupled with the dark settings of the Diablo series?

A: Dungeon Striker is by no means a bright and cheerful casual game despite the character designs. The combat and monsters encountered will define this.

Q: How long has Dungeon Striker been in development?

A: Development started around 2 years ago with 50 staff in the Dungeon Striker team.

Q: Dragon Nest was a huge hit back then, and still is till today. Will there be familiar features from Dragon Nest found in Dungeon Striker?

A: I will like to thank everyone for supporting Dragon Nest. Dungeon Striker will require more tactical thoughts, but combat will still not pale in comparison.

Q: It was introduced that characters in Dungeon Striker are able to learn skills of other classes. What are some of the limitation?

A: There are a total of 19 advanced classes in Dungeon Striker. And no, players will not be able to learn all skills of another class, there will be skill points limitations. (My guess – It seems that a basic Warrior will be able to advance to a Mage, then advance again to Ranger and if there is a 4th tier, may revert back to a Warrior-based advancement, hence learning skills of many classes.)

Q: The game design is siding towards a more Japanese feel. Which primary market is Dungeon Striker aiming at?

A: Although the cute design is popular in China and Japan, that is not the decision why we went with this design style. The main decision is based on action combat, which we feel will be emphasized better with this design.

Q: From the game’s title, we will like to know if there are other places for combat other than dungeons.  And what will be the maximum level cap?

A: We are looking at a max level cap of 99 now. Completing dungeons and collecting powerful equipments will be the game’s ultimate aim. Dungeon maps and routes will be randomly generated each time players enter.

Q: How will players interact with each other?

A: There is a main town which can handle around 1,000 players to trade and interact. There are open world maps as well where players can gather natural resources, presumably for crafting. Whenever a boss spawns, there will be an automated guild message for all players in the same guild.

Q: What will be your answer if gamers comment that Dungeon Striker is too similar to Dragon Nest?

A: Although both games are under the same developer, both development teams are totally independent with no sharing of personnel. Advise was given by the Dragon Nest team, but the final decision ultimately depend on the Dungeon Striker team.

Q: Are there any other games Eyedentity Games is currently working on?

A: We have no announcements to make for now, but as a developer we will always continue to develop new titles.

Q: Will Dungeon Striker be shipped overseas?

A: We are in discussions with a few overseas publishers now, with no deals confirmed yet.

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