Dungeon Striker (KR) – From Dragon Nest’s developer

You know it will not be long before Eyedentity Games, the developer of Dragon Nest, reveals its 2nd online title. With Dragon Nest celebrating its 2nd anniversary this year, there can’t be a better time. Introducing Dungeon Striker, a new action MMORPG. It certainly is a give-away with its game title that combat will take place mostly in dungeons. Focusing on even faster action found in Dragon Nest, players are able to attack up to 10 times in 1 second in the game. And notice the cuter design!

As you can see in the videos and screenshots, the game has an isometric view, which seems to be very popular nowadays with upcoming games such as Lineage Eternal, the MOBA titles such as Dota 2 and of course, Diablo III. Controls will also be much simpler in Dungeon Striker, with players able to successfully engage in combat and moving around by using just the mouse. 

According to the explanation given by the media, characters will automatically attack monsters even when characters are moving, even during PvP. Eyedentity Games touted that they have solved the problem with current action MMOs needing too many active keys, and with Dungeon Striker, players can enjoy intensive combat with gorgeous action effects without much effort. Similar to the system in Diablo III, the dungeon layouts will be randomly generated each time players enter the same one.

There are currently over 19 classes (including advancements) in Dungeon Striker, but the twist will be the ability to learn other classes’ skills. For example, a Dark Mage who can heal, a Warrior who can go stealth and place traps. There will be many different combinations of characters in the game. Dungeon Strikers will go into Closed Beta in Korea from 27th April to 29th April.

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2 Responses to “Dungeon Striker (KR) – From Dragon Nest’s developer”

  1. Makikou says:

    Looks fun, i think this would definetly have an audience in EU/NA

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh god please stop makin cute games..

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