Happy 10th Blog-Anniversary!

Ten years ago on the day I wrote my first blog post. Since then I wrote 4500 posts, more than one per day on average. The blog got nearly 6 million visitors over the years. I still get over 1,000 visitors a day, plus an unknown number of people reading my blog via the RSS feed. But all that is going to change.

I have decided to stop blogging on a daily basis.

That is not to say that I will abandon this site. But a blog is usually a compromise between a personal journal and writing for an audience. Keeping up a daily schedule was part of that compromise which I did for my readers. And today I think that compromise isn’t worth it any more. Writing at least one blog post every day is a lot of work, and ten years of history have shown that one does get very little appreciation out of that. I’ve had enough. I think I did my part and don’t owe anyone anything here.

So from now on I will only continue with the kind of posts I was always writing for myself, my personal journal of game activity: The journal of my D&D campaign after each session, or similar journal posts when I start playing a new game and want to log my thoughts about it. Not sure if I’ll keep posting general opinion posts here from time to time in the future, or whether I’ll move those to Google+ +Tobold Stoutfoot . Expect posting frequency on this blog to go way down. I’m not even sure yet whether I’ll keep the comments section.

Time to move on.

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25 Responses to “Happy 10th Blog-Anniversary!”

  1. riftstalker.com says:

    It's been a privilege to follow your "opinions".

    I'm OK with whatever direction you decide to choose, even if you stop writing completely.

    I've been blogging occasionally and I know that sometimes a change of pace (or even subject matter) is required.

  2. Samuel Kernan says:

    Thank you for all your writing. I have really enjoyed reading your thought-provoking and good-spirited posts.

    Your write-ups about Dungeons and Dragons inspired me to jump in and DM when my friends and I picked up the game this summer, despite never having played it before. There has been a learning curve, but it has been really fun, and I have gotten good guidance from your blog. I look forward to whatever you have to share in the future.

  3. pk says:

    I first started reading and enjoying stuff from "Tobold" back in the beginning of the MTGO forums. I missed it when you left those forums.

    When I found your blog, I knew it would be good and, of course, I was right.

    Thanks for your effort and keep throwing us a bone or two,

  4. Nikola says:

    Tobold, thank you for fun, it has been a great ride, and i hope it will continue, even if in less post count.
    I manage to play few games with you, and never regret it :)

  5. Tori Bergquist says:

    Well shoot I've grown used to looking for your posts on a daily basis, but I can appreciate the sense of burnout. I've been doing my own blog for a bit over two years now, and doing three a week can be stressful at times!

  6. Doinar says:

    Congratulations to you. I´ve been following your posts for a long time and found a lot of interesting food for thought in them.

    Keep up the good work, but feel free to cut the "work" part, after all its still about gaming.

    Danke für das Blog und alles Gute für die Zukunft :)

  7. Syl says:

    It's an insane amount of posts for sure, hard to believe one person has written them all :)
    like Bhagpuss mentioned, I recall a Tobold announcing semi-retirements in the past, so maybe this is one of those times and you need to cut yourself some slack and just write when you feel like it. I think many of us are feeling some serious writing and topic blues at the moment.

    personally, am always sad when bloggers move from wp/blogger to other media like G+ – I'm not a G-plusser and I'm probably the audience for general thoughts and design posts. alas, it's your space and your time and you need to do what feels right – as long as you don't go and delete your blog in a rush of fatalism!
    I've been a long reader of yours and many of your posts over the years were inspiring to me for their insight, while others were perfect to spark passionate disagreement. ;) both is fruitful for the blogosphere. you never stopped linking to other writers and newcomers too which I feel is vital to this community and for that I salute you. it's also not an easy thing to be a popular name in a network that people like to refer to for all sorts of purposes and in all sorts of contexts.

    Good luck on whatever you attempt next.

  8. george says:

    Thank you for all your blogging over the last decade. I'm one of those RSS reader people that rarely commented.

  9. Joseph Skyrim says:

    Happy 10 years Tobold! :D I'll definitely stick around for your D&D write-ups anyway! ^_^

  10. Chordian says:

    Congratulations and thanks for a decade of awesome blogging.

  11. Sam Bellman says:

    Gratz on the anniversary! Keeping anything up for that long is a huge accomplishment and for the most part the quality and consistency has been fantastic.

    I'm a little sad you'll be cutting back but this will still be one of the first blogs I look for in my feeds.

  12. Tobold Stoutfoot says:

    No exactly your best post, seems you are upset for something, I don´t know, it's a bad idea to write when we're upset, actually, is bad idea to do whatever when upset.

    No, I am not upset, although the written word is notoriously bad at conveying feelings. I'd say I'm burned out. I feel I keep repeating myself and there is nothing original left to say. That is why I want to stick to blogging only personal game experiences in the future, they are by definition original.

    Sorry if you think my post can't compete with Larisa's, but then I hadn't planned to do that. My blog never evoked the same warm-hearted emotions as hers, my strength is more in rational thought than in warmth.

  13. Thander says:

    Congratulations on the 10 years. As far as losing interest, I think every blogger has that eventually. Blogging takes quite a bit of time compared to how fast it can be read. That time could be spent playing more games or doing other hobbies. I personally keep my blogging sporadic, so it doesn't take over my gaming time.

  14. Hagu says:

    TYVM for the decade and GL in the future.

  15. Gabriel Beal says:

    I think it's no hyperbole to say that your blog has some of the best and most thoughtful writing on gaming and MMOs on the Internet. I will miss your articles greatly, though I understand the cost/benefit may not be there for you anymore. You've introduced me to many games (I'm loving Card Hunter right now), and I thank you for that. I wish you the best.

  16. Gustavo says:

    Thanks Tobold. No exactly your best post, seems you are upset for something, I don´t know, it's a bad idea to write when we're upset, actually, is bad idea to do whatever when upset. I remember when Larisa (pinkpigtailinn.com), wrote her last post. It was sad. Sad, sad, sad. But somehow, some way that was like a liberation, an act of faith in the future. I read over and over that post for months just to see again how a person got free. I´m sure I won´t read your post never again because your words: "I did my part and don't owe anyone anything". Think about it.
    Unfortunately the domain pinkpigtailinn.com is owned by some spammer, but you can read the last post of Larisa from the archive http://web.archive.org/web/20110402025750/http://www.pinkpigtailinn.

  17. js3b says:

    Your RSS feed has been on my must read a-list for a couple of years. Excellent posts. Enjoy your break and I hope you'll be back.

  18. Christian says:

    Just wanted to say that yours was the first blog I ever started reading regularly back in 2007. Thanks for all of the insight, the jokes, and the measured commentary. Best of luck!

  19. kliev says:

    Congratulations on 10 years. It's always been solid and thoughtful. It does seem like you always step away a bit for the summer, so even if things are quiet awhile, I'll keep my hopes up for fall.

  20. 4c22cb52-3723-11e0-95c0-000bcdcb2996 says:

    Well, it's too bad. Thanks for regularly posting and hosting a higher level discussion of gaming issues. I kept coming around here long after I stopping playing MMOs to talk about my thoughts. Also thanks for putting up with me during my emo-disillusiontment ragequit period, I'm sure that was annoying.

  21. Bhagpuss says:

    I've only been reading Tobold's Blog for less than half the time you've been doing it but I seem to remember at least a couple of times before when you said you were stopping or scaling back or not having comments. I'll say the same now as I said then – It's your blog, do what you like with it. Happy retirement!

  22. Brad says:

    Sad to hear, yours is my favorite out of 131 blogs. Thanks for all the great reads over the years.

  23. ryan says:

    Thanks for the 10 years! I've always enjoyed your posts.

  24. Hochspringer says:

    Congratulation and thank you.

    It was great to have a grown-up European blog writer around.
    I am 37years old, so we kind of have a similar background, in case of gaming history.

    You reflected many interesting topics over the last years and it was almost always a good read.

    I will definitively continue visiting this page in the future. Game post are very interesting and give me an idea what I could try out next.

  25. Xaxziminrax II says:

    Thanks for the good reads all this time!

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