Neverwinter: Fury of the Feywild – Game launching later this month

[Register now] Perfect World Entertainment’s Neverwinter has been in Open Beta for a few weeks now, and the game will officially launch on 20th June with its first free content expansion, Fury of the Feywild. The main feature will be the release of Gauntlgrym, an underground dungeon hidden deep in the ancient Dwarven city for level 60

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3 Responses to “Neverwinter: Fury of the Feywild – Game launching later this month”

  1. cinderboy says:

    Seriously? Hmn… I could play back during beta from Asia.

  2. oni giri says:

    and its IP blocked, so i cant even try it.

  3. Hobbes says:

    Sorry, but the game is a terrible generic, mostly instanced, grind! Not fun in the least plus the cash shop is awful,with some of the most outrageous prices I’ve ever seen in a F2P tite. So I actually would not suggest “giving it a try!”

    Also for the true fans of D&D, you guys will HATE this game. Cryptic lied completely when they said that “this was for the true fans of D&D” It’s not. Not in the least.

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