Blizzard porting Diablo 3 to Playstation

You can look at this announcement in one of two ways. Either you’re happy because you aren’t a PC game; perhaps you’ve heard of Blizzard and want to see what all the fuss is about. Or you’re a PC gamer and even though you knew this was coming can’t help but roll your eyes, think back to before Activision and how the old Blizzard wouldn’t have done this move in a million years.

Looking back at all the complaints about D3 it’s clear what Blizzard was doing now. They were dumbing down the game so that when they did eventually port it it would appeal to a broader audience. Long gone is the Blizzard that made games they wanted to make and not games to make as much money as they possibly could.

Honestly World of Warcraft was their last great game. Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 had the same exact flaws, while certainly good games they are just lesser rehashes of their much better predecessors. With little innovation, they both would have been much better received had they been released 6-7 years ago, but after 10 years of waiting for a sequel you’d think there would be some major improvements and ground breaking features added.

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